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373: Cameron Herold — Intensive Coaching Session for Ari

Episode Summary

Cameron coaches Ari on improving his business

Episode Notes

Even the best business owners need help to grow and scale their business. That’s why so many entrepreneurs engage a coach to help them reach the next level in their businesses and Ari is no different. That’s why Cameron Herold, one of the greatest coaches alive, joins him on this extremely special episode to coach him on how to improve his business.

Cameron Herold has worked with a multitude of different companies in various situations and stages of business. He has been instrumental in Ari’s business journey, and in this episode, they discuss some of the key aspects of Ari’s business and business model. Cameron and Ari dive into his vision for the company in the next few years, and how he can manage the growth and scaling of his business. Cameron also shares some of his suggestions and strategies to increase leverage and reach and his tips to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves. Tune in to find out more.

Key Takeaways:

[:29] Ari introduces his guest for this episode — Cameron Herold.

[:59] Cameron and Ari discuss his existing business model and how it will scale in the next three years.

[3:39] How will Ari deal with increased demand for his services in the future?

[5:04] Ari and Cameron discuss what his big vision is for his company in the future, and some suggestions for how he can manage the growth his company will experience.

[6:54] Cameron highlights that he has never received any push back from bigger organizations paying more than small organizations.

[7:47] Ari shares more about the different revenue-generating aspects of his business.

[10:03] Cameron shares a word of caution about Ari’s plans to scale internationally.

[10:52] Cameron and Ari discuss his Replaceable Founder program, and how best to scale it.

[12:57] Cameron has some suggestions for Ari to leverage his existing client engagement days and speaking events.

[15:06] Ari shares his struggle with wanting to be humble and not “poach” clients.

[16:43] Cameron shares his strategy to share his books with as many people as possible.

[19:59] Cameron recaps the top takeaways for Ari from this conversation.

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